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A firm dedicated to serving Central Wisconsin, Midwest Wealth Ventures makes it possible for angel investors and entrepreneurs to work together toward the greater vitality of our regional economy and business community.

If you are a potential investor, MWV’s process reduces the risk of investing in young businesses — and you also have the unique ability to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and realize their dreams. In addition to providing much-needed capital, you can lend your expertise and background to help guide these ventures to succeed. The MWV Management Team backs you, with the process, tools and experience to deliver improved returns on your investments.

For entrepreneurs, angel investors allow you to receive the capital you need to truly invest in the future of your business. This typically comes with much better rates and more flexibility than conventional lenders. You will also have access to experienced business advisors who will share their knowledge with you as you continue to launch or grow your company.

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Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a potential angel investor, Midwest Wealth Ventures may be the resource you’ve been searching for in Central Wisconsin. Call us today at 262-292-1691 or contact us online to learn more. 

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