Wisconsin River Business Angels closes 5th investment

The Wisconsin River Business Angels, Central Wisconsin’s only angel investing group, syndicates with other Wisconsin investment groups to fund Beloit’s Blue Line Battery. 

Blue Line Battery designs and manufactures industrial lithium-ion batteries for powering industry. Our vision is to make efficient lithium-ion battery technology accessible to all of the motive power industry, through intuitive engineering and better financing. There are currently 63 industrial customers operating 263 industrial batteries designed and produced by Blue Line, currently generating more than $1 million in annual revenue. In addition to battery sales, they are developing a “power-by-the-hour” model, and offer innovative dashboard technology to track and optimize power consumption. 

For more about Blue Line see their website at: https://bluelinebattery.com/  (For more information about the Wisconsin River Business Angels visit: www.midwestwealthventures.com)

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