About the Wisconsin River Business Angels (WRBA)

High-return investing that fits your Midwest values supported by a technically-thorough approach and a team with a can-do attitude

The Wisconsin River Business Angels is Central Wisconsin’s only angel investing group.  Founded by two experienced investors and entrepreneurs, we take pride in our unmatched process of due diligence, investor development, and high level of small business mentorship, all of which enriches our community and its members on many levels.  Read more to find out why we stand out in the angel investing community and how our beliefs and values shape our approach to angel investing.


Our Vision:

Create and sustain a culture of entrepreneurship in Central Wisconsin through the continuous collaboration of CAPITAL, COMPANIES, and COMMUNITY.


Our Mission:

  • Provide angel investors with high-return opportunities focused on but not limited to Central Wisconsin through levels of due diligence unmatched in the industry
  • Offer expert mentorship and guidance to promising young companies focused on but not limited to Central Wisconsin drawn from our years of business experience
  • Influence all major business development organizations and educational programs to create a culture of entrepreneurial ambition focusing on but not limited to Central Wisconsin

Our Values and Work Ethic:

Our values reflect the values of the community in and for which we created the WRBA.  Our values are Midwest values.  Here in the Midwest people work hard to earn their wealth and every facet of our approach reflects this.

We’re prudent  – money is not easily gained here – people work hard for it and we work hard to protect it.  We don’t react quickly to fads and fashions, which is why we intentionally stay a couple years behind the coasts.  Fads come and go, but we want to invest the things that are here to stay.

We’re pragmatic – we take time with our due diligence to make sure our investments are here for the long haul.  We take diverse opinions from professionals seriously to make safe, informed decisions.  We never just throw money at investments like the fast-growth areas of the country.

We’re cautious – we put the “SMART” in smart money, going as fast as we can, but never faster than we should.  We think it is better to walk away from good investments than to be hurried into them before we are convinced they are the right ones.  We respect safety, comfort, stability, and a conservative approach to finances.


What sets our approach apart:

There are many angel investing groups you can join.  What makes our approach unique and successful?

We invest in people.  Our first task is to determine whether leadership is self-aware, coachable, willing to take advice.  All other considerations are secondary.

We understand and always consider the synergy between R&D – THE MARKET – CAPITAL

We link together the product and the customer right from the start.  Understanding the relationship between the product and customer, and further identifying the unmet need and its value, leads to high return.

Our due diligence is 100% centered on finding and quantifying that value.

This is captured in the protocol and process called Planned Innovation.  We apply this guiding framework, originally created to grow existing businesses, to start ups.  You can invest in a fortune 500 company, or you can use this approach to invest in a startup and potentially gain 20-30X (even 30-35X!) in 10 years.

But, there’s still a missing element…capital.  Capital is what greases the wheels and allows the company to grow rapidly.  And that’s where you come in.  As a member of the WRBA, the capital you provide through your investments serves as the rocket fuel for our investment companies, allowing them to take off and thrive in the marketplace, and providing you with returns seen among few other competing groups.  Further, the mentorship and guidance you and our other members provide help our investment companies gain traction more quickly and avoid crucial mistakes and missteps.

Another difference: our directorial compensation model

We believe in this approach so much that we have spent years of our life managing investments for our investors.  We are compensated by one thing, and one thing only: successful exits.  We are compensated solely on gains, which means that we don’t get compensated for losses or break-evens.  We do it because we love it and believe in it.  Because of this we are strongly motivated to have successful exits, which means our investors get high returns.

Successful exits also mean that our local economy thrives and creates more opportunity and vitality.  Central Wisconsin is our year-round home and always will be.  We have a strong interest in seeing it thrive.

Are you convinced that we’re the investment opportunity you’ve been looking for?  An investment that provides high returns, networking with great people who, like you, are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit to grow and guide their community and its economy?


Let’s talk.  Reach out to us and meet Jeff and Leon, the directors of the WRBA to see if investing with us is a good fit for you.

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We are proud to be able to invest in the Upper Midwest and Central Wisconsin Community and forge strong partnerships between investors and business owners.

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