Angel Impact Podcast

Angel Impact is the official investment podcast of the Wisconsin River Business Angels.  Each episode is full of valuable information and perspective about topics for angel investors, entrepreneurs, and economic development enthusiasts presented by the leaders of the WRBA, and drawn from their many years of experience with business, entrepreneurship, investing, and economic development work.

Watch videos of episodes below or on our YouTube channel.  Listen and subscribe to the audio version.

Episode 1 – Blue Line Battery

Episode 2 – Why We Founded the WRBA

Episode 3 – What We Look For In Leadership Teams

Episode 4 – What You Need to Know About Executive Summaries

Episode 5 – Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Episode 6 – How Our Pipeline Works For Investors

Episode 7 – Overview of Angel Investing Strategy, Part 1

Episode 8 – Overview of Angel Investing Strategy, Part 2

Episode 9 – Opportunity Analysis (OA), Part 1

Episode 10 – Opportunity Analysis (OA), Part 2

Episode 11 – Value and Use

Episode 13 – Why coachability is CRUCIAL

Episode 14 – The impact of angel investing, Part 1

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