Vertically Balanced Investments

Wisconsin River Business Angels™ (WRBA)

The investment pyramid

A balanced portfolio should include investments from each risk category.  

Unfortunately many high net worth individuals don’t take advantage of the top of the pyramid because they don’t understand private equity investing.  

But, if you want to grow your wealth and not merely preserve it, the best way is to join an angel investing group.

Here are some advantages of joining the Wisconsin River Business Angels (WRBA):

  • Share in the knowledge, expertise, and camaraderie of fellow angel investors
  • Leverage the due diligence of the WRBA
  • Share your expertise and provide mentorship for the young companies you invest in
  • Higher returns when compared to other types of investment, including other high-risk investments
  • It offers the opportunity to further diversify your investment portfolio while growing small businesses in or near your local community
  • See the fruits of your investments as they help build your community and create jobs in the local economy.  Angel investing is a true win/win/win!
  • Get a front row seat for exciting, high-impact, world-changing innovations and technologies that solve real problems

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“As an angel investor, it’s rewarding to see the impact of my contributions to the growth of companies and the local economy. For investors, it can be overwhelming at times to determine which investments are best for me and the community. Wisconsin River Business Angels provide a high level of due diligence, researching and investigating hundreds of opportunities yearly and providing me with confidence that my investments are sound. My involvement with young companies as a board member also provides me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience guiding startups.”

Richard Kenney

Angel Investor

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