Angel Investing For Your New Business

Helping Businesses Grow and Expand

Whether you are launching a new business or expanding an existing company, you may need access to capital to develop the business, hire staff and grow your products or services.

Midwest Wealth Ventures™ and Wisconsin River Business Angels™ is an angel investment and consulting firm based in Central Wisconsin, with a network made up of entrepreneurs and business owners who have found tremendous levels of success in our region.

We believe in the businesses we fund, taking a stake your company and helping it grow in meaningful and sustainable ways. Turn to us for smart capital, a better option when traditional lending options are limited.

The benefits of seeking angel investments for your business

Angel investors have become an increasingly important resource for startups and small businesses across the country. We serve as key partners and advisors to you as you take the next step forward in your venture.

The following are some of the most notable benefits of working with an angel investment firm like Midwest Wealth Ventures:

  • Access to capital: Angel investors can fill key equity gaps. In fact, more than 60 percent of funding for startup ventures comes from angel investors, providing much-needed source for working capital – especially if your business has high future growth potential.
  • Flexibility: Through angel investors, you have access to smart capital, providing flexible and less formal investment requirements compared to traditional banks, lenders and venture capitalists. This provides numerous benefits to early-stage businesses that are still developing the processes that will lead to their ultimate success.
  • Knowledge and experience: Many of our angel investors are former or current entrepreneurs themselves. They know how to get companies to profitability as quickly and efficiently as possible, and are always willing to lend their advice based on their own experiences and business contacts.
  • A community-based approach: Our angel investors have decided to invest their money in locally based businesses throughout central Wisconsin. They have a stake in the success of your business and the economic vitality of our community at large.


“Accessing capital to start a business is challenging. Working with the angels, we broke through the barriers to access early stage seed funding to launch our business. Our local investors believed in our opportunity to design and build a revolutionary wheelchair by providing early capital and guidance, allowing us to grow our business. Since then, we have grown locally to over 300 employees with sales in 45 countries.”

Doug Munsey

Ki Mobility, President

“Economic vitality is a top priority for our members and the community. The Wisconsin River Business Angels provide for an unmet need in Central Wisconsin by connecting the resources of private investors to the needs of young and growing companies. Not only do they provide capital for companies at the stage of highest risk, they also provide guidance and network connections that add value and greatly improve success rates. Leon and Jeff both being engaged in the community is an added bonus.”

Todd Kuckkahn

Director Portage County Business Council

“In spite of winning first place in the manufacturing sector of the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest, it was still challenging to find pre-seed round capital for our business growth. Being ‘first in’ on an investment takes courage. With Wisconsin River Business Angels as the lead investor, a second angel group came joined with WRBA providing additional capital to close out the pre-seed round. In addition to the capital investment, Wisconsin River Business Angels also provided the support, guidance, strategies, and advice to access future capital needed to fuel our growth.”

Kevin Barnett

Interim CEO of Pyran, LLC

“As an angel investor, it’s rewarding to see the impact of my contributions to the growth of companies and the local economy. For investors, it can be overwhelming at times to determine which investments are best for me and the community. Wisconsin River Business Angels provide a high level of due diligence, researching and investigating hundreds of opportunities yearly and providing me with confidence that my investments are sound. My involvement with young companies as a board member also provides me with the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience guiding startups.”

Richard Kenney

Angel Investor

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