Sound Investments for Wisconsin River Business Angels (WRBA)


If you are looking for an investment opportunity that comes with higher returns on your capital and helps Central Wisconsin business owners realize their dreams, angel investing may be the right option for you. By becoming a member of WRBA by Midwest Wealth Ventures, you can make sound investments while providing entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success. 


Founded and managed by two successful angel investors and entrepreneurs, Midwest Wealth Ventures reduces investors’ risk through a comprehensive screening and due diligence process. This ensures that only the startups and established businesses with the most potential upside become part of our portfolio. Our management team oversees the process, investment decisions and mentoring support.


Exceptional angel investment opportunities here in Central Wisconsin


Angel investing is on the rise across the United States, becoming one of the most popular and effective methods for businesses and entrepreneurs to raise necessary capital to grow their ventures. The following are some of the most significant benefits of serving as an angel investor within the Midwest Wealth Ventures network:

·      Reap high potential returns: A recent study from the Angel Capital Association found that the average angel investor exit resulted in greater than 20 percent internal rate of return on a portfolio of investments. That outpaces averages found with many other types of equity investments.

·      Diversify your portfolio: Even if you allocate only a small amount (10 to 15 percent) of your net worth to create your portfolio, you can boost your returns and lower your risk.

·      Assist local entrepreneurs: There are some great things happening in Central Wisconsin, with entrepreneurs throughout the region and across the state looking to launch new companies or expand their existing operations. This gives you a unique opportunity to play a key role in the economic vitality of our regional business community.

·      Support what you believe in: Through angel investing, you are able to contribute to businesses you find interesting or exciting. In most cases, you are able to advise these businesses as they are just getting off the ground.

·      Leverage your own expertise: You likely have experience in growing businesses or investing in companies, and you can use this knowledge to assist less experienced entrepreneurs in central Wisconsin. Serving as a business advisor alone can be an incredibly fulfilling experience for angel investors.

     Perhaps passive investing is for you: If your time constraints prevent you from a high level of involvement in the due diligence process, passive investing may be your option. Let your funds work for you and our entrepreneurs under the guidance and decisions of our management team.



Get started on your angel investment path today

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